Puterea Dragostei

Season 4 Premiere

“Puterea Dragostei” Season 4 premiered on September 6,

2021 on Kanal D Romania.   


Hosted by Cristina Dorobantu, 14 new contestants will try to

experience the true love in the house of Puterea Dragostei

through the season.


 “Puterea Dragostei” continues to air on Kanal D Romania.


Puterea Dragostei

Season 3 Grande Finale

The phenomenon romance reality show, “Puterea Dragostei” Season 3

made its grand finale on September 5, 2021 on Kanal D Romania.



After a fantastic season full of love and happiness, Alexandra & Marinescu

were announced as the winners of “Puterea Dragostei” and won the grand prize.


Exatlon Estados Unidos

Season 5 Grand Finale

Hosted by Frederik Oldenburg and co-hosted by Chelly Cantú, the phenomenal sports reality show “Exatlón Estados Unidos” Season 5 made its grand finale on August 23, 2021 on Telemundo.


After a historic season with its former and new contestants, Norma Palafox and Jeyvier Cintrón, both from the team Famosos, became the new champions of the fiercest competition “Exatlón Estados Unidos”.




Exatlon Mexico

Season 5 Premiere

The epic sports reality show “Exatlón México”

Guardianes vs Conquistadores premiered for

its 5th season on August 16, 2021.


Hosted by Antonio Rosique, all contestants are ready

for the challenging competition to be the champion of

“Exatlón México” Guardianes vs Conquistadores.


Survivor Mexico

Season 2 Grand Finale

Hosted by Carlos Guerrero, “Survivor Mexico” Jaguares & Halcones

Season 2 made its grand finale on August 15, 2021 on Azteca Uno.


After a breathtaking season, Pablo Martí Rivera, from the team

Halcones, was crowned the new champion of “Survivor Mexico”

Jaguares & Halcones.

La Voz

Season 3 Grand Finale

The singing competition “La Voz” Season 3 made its spectacular

grand finale on August 11, 2021 on Azteca Uno.



After a fantastic season filled with music and entertainment,

Sherlyn Sanchez, coached by Edith Márquez was crowned the winner of “La Voz”


Survivor Romania

Season 2 Grand Finale

“Survivor Romania” Season 2 made its grand finale

on July 11, 2021 on KanalD Romania.



After a season filled with tough challenges, Zannidache,

from team Faimoșii, was crowned the champion of “Survivor Romania”

and won the grand prize.

Survivor Greece

Season 4 Grand Finale

Popular reality TV show “Survivor Greece” Season 4 made

its grand finale on July 5, 2021 on Skai TV.


Hosted by Giorgos Lianos, records breaking reality TV hit

“Survivor Greece” closed the season with great success and

ranked No.1 in ratings with its final night.


After a very challenging season, Sakis Katsoulis from team Diasimoi,

was crowned the champion of “Survivor Greece”.