MasterChef Türkiye

Season 4 Grand Finale

The worldwide phenomenon cooking show, “MasterChef Türkiye”

Season 4 made its grand finale on January 14, 2022 on TV8.


After a long and competitive season, contestant tried to impress

juries with their best meals. On the final episode, Eren Kaşıkçı and

Hasan Biltekin competed to make it to the  top of the culinary world and titled

as MasterChef.  


Eren Kaşıkçı, with successful performance throughout the season, was

crowned the new winner of “MasterChef Türkiye” Season 4.

Beauty or Brains

Grand Finale

The new reality show “Beauty or Brains” made

its grand finale on January 10, 2022 on Telemundo.


Hosted by Carlos Ponce, 16 single contestants lived

on a tropical island during a fantastic season filled with

love, games and money.


After an amazing first season of “Beauty or Brains”,

José Luis and Oana won the grand price.

Exatlon Hungary All Star


The epic sports reality show “Exatlon Hungary”

All Star made a great start on January 3, 2022

on TV2.


Hosted by Monoki Lehel and Co-Host Nagy Réka,

contestants from Bajnoko vs Kihívók teams are

ready for fiercest competitions to be champion of

“Exatlon Hungary” All Star.


The phenomenon sports reality show

“Exatlon Hungary” All Star continues to air on TV2.

Survivor Greece

Season 5 Premiere

Popular reality TV show “Survivor Greece”

Season 5 began airing on December 26, 2021

on Skai TV.


After many seasons filled with numerous

successes, the contestants will face tough

challenges to be the champion of “Survivor Greece”

Season 5.


Hosted by Giorgos Lianos, “Survivor Greece”

continues to air on Skai TV.

Exatlon Slovenija

Grand Finale

The phenomenon sports reality show

“Exatlon Slovenija” Season 1 made its grand

finale on December 3, 2021 on Planet TV.


Hosted by Miran Ališič and Tina Gaber,

24 contestans competed for the first champion

title of the most difficult sports reality show.

After an extremely strong competition and

breathtaking season, Franko Bajc and

Marjanca Polutnik became the first champions

of “Exatlon Slovenija”.

Exatlon Slovenija

Season 1 Premiere

The phenomenon sports reality competition

“Exatlon Slovenija” is on air in Slovenia for the first time.


Expected with great excitement, “Exatlon Slovenija”s

first season premiered on September 6, 2021 on Planet TV.


Hosted by Miran Ališič and Tina Gaber, all the new contestants

are ready for the challenging competition to be the champion

of  “Exatlon Slovenija”.

“Exatlon Slovenija” continues to air on Planet TV.

Puterea Dragostei

Season 4 Premiere

“Puterea Dragostei” Season 4 premiered on September 6,

2021 on Kanal D Romania.   


Hosted by Cristina Dorobantu, 14 new contestants will try to

experience the true love in the house of Puterea Dragostei

through the season.


 “Puterea Dragostei” continues to air on Kanal D Romania.


Puterea Dragostei

Season 3 Grande Finale

The phenomenon romance reality show, “Puterea Dragostei” Season 3

made its grand finale on September 5, 2021 on Kanal D Romania.



After a fantastic season full of love and happiness, Alexandra & Marinescu

were announced as the winners of “Puterea Dragostei” and won the grand prize.