Money or Love Hungary

Season 1 Premiere

“Money or Love Hungary” Season 1 made its premiere on

September 4, 2022 on TV2.


The newest original format of ACUNMEDYA, “Money or Love”, is a

dating format where single contestants will find love, games and

money through the surprising journey that awaits them.


Hosted by Demcsák Zsuzsa, contestants will face with challenges

during their journey of finding love. “Money or Love Hungary”

continues to air on SuperTV2.

La Voz Season 4

Grand Finale

“La Voz” Season 4 made its grand finale on August 29, 2022 on TV Azteca.


“La Voz” is not just one of the most popular TV show in Mexico but

also in many Latin American countries. During the season, talented

contestants performed spectacular performances in front of the

judges, Joss Favela, Yuridia, Hanna Nicole Pérez & Ashley Grace

Pérez (Ha*Ash) and David Bisbal. The panel of the judges guided

talents from their teams through their musical journeys and

counseled them to reach their potentials. After many challenges,

on the final night Fátima Elizondo  from Yuridia’s team crowned as

the winner of the “La Voz” Season 4.

Survivor Greece

Season 5 Grand Finale

Popular reality competition "Survivor Greece" Season 5 made its live grand

finale on Skaii TV on July 6, 2022,


The contestants competed fiercely through the Season 5 of “Survivor Greece”,

as the competition got harder even more than the past years. Stathis Schizas

from Diasimoi team become the winner of Survivor Greece” Season 5 .

MasterChef Türkiye

Season 5 Premiere

Phenomenon cooking show “MasterChef Türkiye” made its premiere on

July 1, 2022 on TV8.


Somer Sivrioğlu, Mehmet Yalçınkaya and Danilo Zanna will be the judges of

the newest season of “MasterChef Türkiye”. The contestants who want to show

their culinary talents will compete to win the title of “MasterChef”.


The first episode of the new season reached a huge success with dominating

ratings and ranked No.1 in all ratings. Record breaking show, “MasterChef

Türkiye” continues to air on TV8.

Survivor Türkiye

All Star Grand Finale

Türkiye’s most watched reality show “Survivor Türkiye” All Star made its grand

finale on June 30, 2022 on TV8.


During the newest season of “Survivor Türkiye” All Star, the contestants fought

hard with the new challenging rules and fearful parkours. Nisa Bölükbaşı

became the newest champion of ”Survivor Türkiye" All Star. “Survivor Türkiye”

All Star dominated the ratings through the season and ranked No.1 in all

ratings with its grand finale.

Survivor Mexico

Season 3 Premiere

Legendary TV reality show “Survivor Mexico” Season 3 made its

premiere on June 15, 2022 on Azteca Uno.


Contestants from Halcones and Jaguares teams will face with

extreme conditions and compete fiercely during Season 3. Carlos

Guerrero will host the newest season of record-breaking reality



“Survivor Mexico” Season 3 continues to air on Azteca Uno.

Soy Famoso ¡Sácame de Aquí!

Season 1 Grand Finale

The Mexican version of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!,

“Soy Famoso ¡Sácame de Aquí!”, made its grand finale on June

10, 2022 on Azteca Uno with great interest from the audience.


During the season celebrities lived together in extreme conditions

and undertook challenges for the additional food and treats for

the team. Hosted by Atala Sarmiento and Horacio Villalobos,

during the season celebrities tried to step out of their comfort zones

to be avoided being voted out by audience.


Alfredo Adame become the champion of the first season of

“Soy Famoso ¡Sácame de Aquí!”.

La Voz

Season 4 Premiere

The Mexican version of  The Voice, "La Voz", made its 4ht season

premiere on June 6, 2022 on TV Azteca.


The judges, Joss Favela, Yuridia, Hanna Nicole Pérez & Ashley

Grace Pérez and David Bisbal are ready to choose the best voice

for their teams and to find the next best voice of the country.

Judges will help unique musical talents reach their potential

through the season. Talented contestants will try to impress the

judges with their amazing voices and performances.


“LA Voz” Season 4 very successfully premiered on June 6, 2022.