Puterea Dragostei

Season 4 Grand Finale


The phenomenon romance reality Show “Puterea Dragostei” Season 4 made

its grand finale on February 14, 2022 on Kanal D Romania.


Entertaining season filled with romance, hosted by Cristina Dorobantu,

new winners of “Puterea Dragostei” Season 4 announced. Adelina and

Dragne crowned as winners of “Puterea Dragostei” Season 4 and won

the grand prize.

Exatlón México

All Star Premiere

Most watched sports reality show “Exatlón México” All Star made a great

start on January 31, 2022 on Azteca Uno.


The newest season of “Exatlón México” is expected with great interest with

one of the most challenging season ever, All Star. After successfully competed

with extreme conditions in previous seasons, hosted by Antonio Rosique,

contestants are ready more than before. “Exatlón México” All Star continues to

air on Azteca Uno with fiercest competitions.

Exatlon Mexico

Season 5 Grand Finale

The phenomenon sports reality show “Exatlón México”

Guardianes vs Conquistadores made its 5. Season grand finale on

January 30, 2022 on Azteca Uno.


Hosted by Antonio Rosique, “Exatlón México” Guardianes vs Conquistadores

Season 5 had a competitive season filled with numerous challenges.

After competing with extreme challenges, Marysol Cortés and "Koke" Guerro

from Conquistadores team become the new champions.   

O Ses Türkiye

Season 10 Grand Finale

Longtime running phenomenon singing competition “O Ses Türkiye”

Season 10 made its grand finale on January 21, 2022 on TV8.


Through a spectacular season with outstanding performances, judges,

Ebru Gündeş, Murat Boz, Beyazıt Öztürk and Oğuzhan Koç tried to help

unique musical talents to reach their potential. On the final night,

Hasan Koçak from Oğuzhan Koç’s team and Devrim Seyrek from

Beyazıt Öztürk’s team competed to be the winner of “O Ses Türkiye”

Season 10.


With great interest from audience, Hasan Koçak from the Oğuzhan Koç’s

team become the winner of “O Ses Türkiye” Season 10. 


Survivor Česko & Slovensko

Season 1 Premiere

The most watched reality tv show “Survivor” premiered first time on

Czechia and and Slovakia as “Survivor Česko & Slovensko”. The phenomenon

reality show “Survivor Česko & Slovensko” made a great start on

January 18, 2022 on Nova TV and TV Markíza.


Expected with great interest and hosted by Ondřej Novotný and Martin Šmahel,

all contestants from two teams, Mao and Azua, are ready for a challenging



“Survivor Česko & Slovensko” continues to air on Nova TV and TV Markíza.

Exatlon Estados Unidos

Season 6 Premiere

Phenomenon sports reality show “Exatlon Estados Unidos” Season 6 made

its premiere on January 17, 2022 on Telemundo.


Long time running sports reality show “Exatlon Estados Unidos” Season 6

is hosted by Frederik Oldenburg and Chelly Cantú. Contestants from

Famosos and Contendientes teams are ready to compete in many difficult

conditions that will test their physical and psychological strength.


One of the most watched reality show, “Exatlon Estados Unidos” continue

to air on Telemundo with its 6. Season.

Survivor Romania

Season 3 premiere

Legendary tv reality show “Survivor Romania” Season 3 premiered on

January 16, 2022 on Pro TV.


After many seasons, fearless contestants from both team, Faimoșii and

Războinicii, ready to compete with extreme conditions and have a unique

adventure. Hosted by Daniel Pavel, “Survivor Romania” Season 3 continues

to air on Pro TV

Survivor Türkiye All Star


The phenomenon reality tv show “Survivor Türkiye” All Star premiered

on January 15, 2022 on TV8.


Records breaking “Survivor Türkiye” All Star, get great interest every

season from the audience. This season, courageous contestants from two

teams, Ünlüler and Gönüllüler, are ready for fearful competition and

challenging experience.


“Survivor Türkiye” All Star continues to air on TV8