Amor en el Aire

Season 1 Premiere

TV reality show “Amor en el Aire” made its Season 1 premiere

on Azteca Uno on February 13, 2023.


“Money or Love”, which has met with great interest from the audience every

season it has been broadcasted in the United States and Hungary, is preparing

to meet the audience in Mexico. In Mexico “Money or Love” will be adapted as

“Amor en el Aire”. Hosted by Luz Elena González, during the season, single

contestants will try to find true love while competing in challenging games.


“Amor en el Aire” continues to broadcast on Azteca Uno.

Exatlon Mexico

All Star Premiere

“Exatlon Mexico”, which has met with great interest from the audience every season,

made its premiere as “Exatlon Mexico” All Star on February 6, 2023 on Azteca Uno.


Ambitious and fiercefull competitors from Azules and Rojos teams will go through

numerous challenges that will test their physical and psychological limits to become

the newest champion of “Exatlon Mexico” All Star. Hosted by Antonio Rosique,

"Exatlon Mexico” All Star continues to air on Azteca Uno.

Exatlon Mexico

Season 7 Grand Finale

The phenomenon sports reality show “Exatlon Mexico" Season 7 made its grand

finale on February 5, 2023 on Azteca Uno.


Hosted by Antonio Rosique, “Exatlon Mexico” met with great interest of the audience

as in every season. Liliana Hernández and Andrés Fierro from the Contendientes

team, who successfully overcame numerous obstacles during the challenging

season, become the newest champions of “Exatlon Mexico” Season 7.

Survivor Česko & Slovensko

Season 2 Premiere

The most watched reality TV show “Survivor Česko & Slovensko” Season 2 made

special premieres on both Slovakia and Czechia . The show aired on Slovakia on

January 25, 2023 on Voyo; while the premiere happened on Czechia on February 1, 2023

on Nova TV.


Hosted by Ondřej Novotný, fearless contestants from two teams, Hrdinové and Rebelové,

are ready for a challenging season filled with numerous extreme conditions.

The show will air on every Wednesday and Thursday on both mediums. For the first time,

“Survivor” made a special premiere on a digital platform which audience showed great

interest. Through the “Survivor Česko & Slovensko” Season 2, contestants will go though

challenges to be the newest champion of “Survivor Česko & Slovensko”


“Survivor Česko & Slovensko” continues to air on Nova TV and Voyo.

Exatlon Estados Unidos

All Star Grand Finale

The long-time running sports reality show

“Exatlon Estados Unidos” followed with great interest during the

season. “Exatlon Edicion Mundial” turned into

“Exatlon Estados Unidos” All Star on October 3, 2022 on

Telemundo. “Exatlon Estados Unidos” All Star made its grand finale

on January 16, 2023.


After a season filled with many surprises and twists that challenged

the contestans like never before, Yamilet Peña and 

Yoridan Martínez become the newest champions of

"Exatlon Estados Unidos" All Star.

My Style Rocks

Season 5 Premiere

Glamorous fashion competition show, “My Style Rocks” Season 5

premiered on January 15, 2023 on Skai TV.


Stylish contestants who claim to know the best way to dress for

every occasion will compete to impress the jury members with

their unique styles. Hosted by Katerina Karavatou, the contestants

will try to prove their style to the judges Stelios Koudounaris,

Dimitris Skoulos, and Ilianna Papageorgiou.


“My Style Rocks" Season 5 continues to broadcast on Skai TV.

Survivor Türkiye 2023


Türkiye’s most watched phenomenon reality show

“Survivor Türkiye 2023” premiered on TV8 on January 15, 2023.


Influencers will compete for the first time together with team

“Ünlüler” and “Gönüllüler” in the new season of

“Survivor Türkiye 2023”. Ambitious contestants from each team

will compete fiercely on the parkours, where mind games will take

place as well as physically challanging games. Contestans

are ready for fearful competition and challenging experience.


"Survivor Türkiye 2023" ranked as No.1 in the ratings on the

premiere night. "Survivor Türkiye 2023" continues to broadcast on


MasterChef Türkiye

Season 5 Grand Finale

The worldwide phenomenon cooking show, “MasterChef Türkiye”

Season 5 made its grand finale on January 10, 2023 on TV8.


During an entertaining season of “MasterChef Türkiye”,

contestans competed with their unique and challanging meals

to win the title of MasterChef. Metin Yavuz and Kıvanç Karadeniz

competed fiercely on the final night to impress the jury.


Metin Yavuz, crowned as the new winner of “MasterChef Türkiye”

Season 5.