MasterChef Türkiye

Season 2 Premiere

The worldwide phenomenon cooking competition show “MasterChef”

Season 2 premiered on July 17, 2020 on TV8. 

The contestants of “MasterChef Türkiye” try to impress the judges

with the intent of winning the title of MasterChef. Türkiye's

one of the most watched and successful primetime reality TV show

“MasterChef Türkiye” continues to air on TV8 with extraordinary ratings. 


Survivor Romania

Season 1 Grand Finale

“Survivor Romania” Season 1 made its grand finale 

on May 30, 2020 on  KanalD Romania. After a season 

filled with tough challenges singer Elena Ionescu from team 

Faimoșii was crowned the champion of “Survivor Romania” and 

won the grand prize. Hosted by Dan Cruceru, “Survivor Romania”s 

grand finale ranked No.1 in the national and urban ratings.

Exatlon Estados Unidos

Season 8 Premiere

Most watched sports reality show “Exatlon Estados Unidos” Season 8 made its premiere on Septembber 26, 2023 on Telemundo. 

Frederik Oldenburg will host the newest season of “Exatlon Estados Unidos” Season 8. As every season, there will be many twists which will fire the competition. Chelly Cantu, former co-host, will compete during the season. 

One of the most watched reality show, “Exatlon Estados Unidos” continue to air on Telemundo with its 8. Season. 

Exatlon Estados Unidos

Season 4 Grand Finale

The popular reality sports competition show “Exatlón Estados Unidos”

Season 4 made a grand finale and named a new champion on October

12, 2020 on Telemundo. After an intense season with full of breathtaking

challenges, Nate Burkhalter from team Famosos became the champion of

“Exatlón Estados Unidos”. 

“Exatlón Estados Unidos” grand finale ranked as the No. 1 Spanish-language

program in its own timeslot, watched by nearly 1.6 million in total.     

Exatlon Estados

Unidos Season 4 Premiere

The phenomenon sports reality competition “Exatlón Estados Unidos”

Season 4 made a great start on January 20, 2020 on Telemundo.

Famosos and Contendientes teams are ready to face with extraordinary

challenges of “Exatlón Estados Unidos”. 

The fiercest competition “Exatlón Estados Unidos” continues to air on



Exatlón Estados

Unidos Season 5 Premiere

“Exatlón Estados Unidos” Season 5 premiered on January 26, 2021 on

Telemundo and made a big comeback with its historic cast which

brings former and new contestants together.

24 contestants of “Exatlón Estados Unidos”, from the team Famosos

and team Contendientes, are willing to give their all to become

the winner of the fiercest competition.

“Exatlón Estados Unidos” seeks to find the one with the strongest

physical and mental skills using new circuits and challenges.

The phenomenon sports reality competition “Exatlón Estados Unidos”

continues to air on Telemundo.

My Style Rocks

Season 4 Grand Finale

Fashion reality TV show “My Style Rocks” Season 4 made its

grand finale on December 20, 2020 on Skai TV.

“My Style Rocks” contestants competed to impress both the judges and

audience with their fashion style.

Areti Llis, with her dressing choices and impressive look, was crowned the

most stylish girl of Greece.

Survivor Romania

Season 1 Premiere

The most watched reality show of all times “Survivor”

premiered on January 18, 2020 on KanalD Romania.

All contestants of Faimoșii and Războinicii teams are

eager to compete to survive the challenges and avoid being

eliminated from “Survivor Romania”. 

Hosted by Dan Cruceru, “Survivor Romania” continues to air on KanalD